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So many people would rather sit back and complain about their situation. Why not take control of your own destiny? The company I am involved with, Max International, in the first 17 months of business did $40 million in sales…and that was with 1 product!!! They are growing 15%-20% per month!!! And this is in a down economy.

A lot of “new” wealth is created, during down economies, by the Entrepreneurs who take action and follow their dreams. Some businesses don’t require thousands of dollars to get started. What if you could start your own business for only $49????? And NOT have overhead, inventory, employees? What if you could, work from home, spend more time with your family, have the potential to finally earn what you are worth, with NO income caps, and best of all, CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME??? What is holding you back?

A friend of mine showed me the blog below and it is soooo important…and right on the money.

The Cure To Our Economic Problems
Mark Cuban – Oct 23rd 2008 7:16PM

I would hate to be the winning Presidential candidate. Both candidates are delusional in thinking their economic policies will drag us out of a recession or even improve the economy. The reality is that the solutions offered by both are the equivalent of shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. They are meaningless.

You can cut taxes for 95pct of Americans and raise taxes for the rest. You can cut taxes for businesses and retain the Bush Tax Cuts. You can increase or decrease the capital gains tax 5 or 10pct either way. Under both programs the deficit for the country will increase, we will borrow and print more money. 5 or 10pct variance either way, given the big hole our economy is in wont matter.

The cure for what ails is us the Entrepreneurial Spirit of this country. We are a nation of people who encourage , support and invest in those of any and all age, race and gender who will use their ingenuity and come up with a new idea.

Its always the new idea that re energizes this country. Industry, manufacturing, transportation, technology, digital communications, etc, each changed how we lived and ignited our economy and standard of living. Tax policy has never done that. The American People have.

Entrepreneurs who create something out of nothing don’t care what tax rates are. Bill Gates didn’t monitor the marginal tax rate when he dropped out of Harvard and started MicroSoft (btw, it was a ton higher than it is today). Michael Dell didn’t wonder what the capital gains tax was when he started PC’s Limited, and then grew it into Dell Computer. I doubt that any great business or invention started with a discussion or even a consideration of what the current or projected income or capital gains tax was or would be.

The impact of tax rates on productivity and development is something economists salivate about, enterpreneurs don’t waste their time thinking about it. We have business to do.

Entrepreneurs live to be entrepreneurs. I have never had a discussion with anyone about starting a business that included tax rates. Ever. If anyone that wanted an investment from me made a point of discussing tax rates as an impact on their business, I wouldn’t invest in them. Ever.

Entrepreneurs live for the juice of making their dreams come true. Of having a vision and fighting to see it come true. The joy of mission accomplished and the scoreboard of the financial rewards.

We are in an economic mess right now. It doesn’t matter who caused it. It’s here. It doesn’t matter what our Presidential candidates and their economic advisors come up with. Its meaningless.

The cure to our economic problems is the Entrepreneurial Spirit of All Americans. Instead of complaining at each other, could one Presidential candidate please show even the least bit of leadership and character and stand up for and encourage the entrepreneurs in this country ?

i don’t care who is friends with whom, who preached when you went to church, whether you know the actual role of the Vice President, whether you voted with President Bush. I don’t care about any of the mudslinging going back and forth. All it does is waste the time of every potential voter. All of that is meaningless.

What we need is our candidates to stop yelling at each other and starting looking at the American people and encouraging the best of who we are. That is who I want to get behind. That is what I would like to see for our country. That is what will energize and motivate people to create companies and invent products that will turn the economy.

The best time for little guys to start a business is when the big guys are worrying about surviving in theirs. You don’t need to raise money. You need to be smart and be focused. I had no idea until this current financial crisis that when I started MicroSolutions, my first company, it was in the middle of a very bad recession. I had no idea whatsoever. I didnt know what the tax rates were, and I didnt care. I had an idea, a floor to sleep on and a lot of motivation.

Now is the time for Entrepreneurs to step up and do our part for our country. Its up to us to start businesses and create jobs. That is the cure to this country’s economic problems.


To Your Wealth…

Debbie James

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When it comes to thinking or believing or doing, which way do you go…with the heard of “sheep” or do you go with your gut, regardless of what others say or think? Do you do what everyone else does? Do you think the way everyone else thinks? Do you believe that the only way to earn a living is to have a J.O.B. with a B.O.S.S.? Do you believe someone when they tell you you can’t do something?

With the exception of someone telling me I couldn’t do something, I was that person. Upon graduating college in1987, I worked in Corporate America until 2003. I didn’t know any better….until 2000 when I got involved with a network marketing company, Quixtar. What an education. To think I didn’t have to work for someone for the rest of my life. There is NO job security anymore.  The only person you can rely upon is yourself.

While Quixtar was not the opportunity I was looking for, it’s a great company. It opened my eyes to residual income, which is passive income. Think about what it would feel like to wake up with more money in your bank account than when you went to sleep!

Here is a poem my Mom gave me many years ago. I still have it on my refrigerator:

If you always think what you’ve always thought,
Then you will always feel what you’ve always felt,
Then you will always do what you’ve always done.
If you always do what you’ve always done,
Then you will always get what you’ve always gotten.
If you always get what you’ve always gotten,
Then you will always think what you’ve always thought.
Author Unknown

Are you where you want to be financially? Do you have the type of relationships you want? Are you happy with where you are in life?

If you have answered no to any of these questions and others, maybe it’s time for a CHANGE.

Debbie James
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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The state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money. “

While it is said that “money won’t make you happy”, my friend Steve says “Yes it does!”….and I have to agree with him! 🙂 What money does though, is give you freedom and choices. (If you think money will make you happy, think again).  Why do some people have a lot of money and others don’t? Stay tuned for more…

What is your definition of wealth? What are your long-term goals? Do you have a 5 year plan? Do you have “I am” statements??? Do you know what an “I am” statement is? If not, stay tuned…

I’m excited to share my thoughts on this blog about attracting what you want into your life. Napolean Hill said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it ALWAYS achieves.” Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, either way, you’re right. What you think about you bring about. That is “The Law of Attraction”…the secret to “The Secret”. What do you believe?

Any questions, please contact me. Drop me an email and let me know what questions you have.

To your success.

Debbie James

“Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

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